Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tiny Saints Giveaway!

In honor of my daughter Charlotte Colleen's 4th birthday.

 A Tiny Saints Giveaway!

Hello again everyone,
I am so excited about this post. I have been planning on it for a while, but due to some extenuating factors (such as my timidity) I am just now putting my pen to paper (figuratively speaking).
As you know, I am a fairly new Catholic. It is still challenging for me to find ways to engage and teach my children about this way of life. Finding cute and child friendly products such as Tiny Saints give me so much joy, hope, and sanity at the ease of which they can be presented to children. They strike me as a fun way to teach about the faith and also help to comfort a child or help a child be proud of their family's faith.
Here is a bit about the company by one of its founders:
"I'm Joe Klinker, the founder and owner of Tiny Saints. My beautiful wife Colleen and I live outside Boston with our three little ones (Gracie, JT, and Noelle) and I'm a full-time Coast Guard lieutenant. When our kids are in bed and the house is clean, Colleen and I sit down each night to watch some HGTV and work on Tiny Saints; that's the routine. And it's only possible by the grace of God and the help of my brother Mark and his wife Megan. They work out of Virginia and keep the business side of things running!

Tiny Saints started as something special for our kids, although the circumstances were a bit difficult. Our third child, Melody, was stillborn on her due date in October 2011. Although Melody is now such a beautiful and joyful part of our lives, we were devastated to say the least and we miss her every single day. Gracie and JT had a hard time understanding why her crib, clothes and toys needed to be put away and as a Christian, I didn't want to shy away from telling them the truth about where Melody was: Heaven. If I showed them pictures of the saints (all of Melody's friends in heaven) on the internet, the images were often a bit intimidating or uninteresting to a child. So I wanted to meet our kids where they were at. At first, Tiny Saints were just pictures we made together on the computer. The idea grew into a business and ministry a little down the road.

I hope Tiny Saints the business can grow into something that demonstrates how hard work and use of our talents can lead to different types of success. Whether we remain a "just squeaking by" company or build into something more, I'll leave that in God's hands. He's a lot smarter than I am! In the meantime, we'll keep our focus on serving the people and families who might just give the saints a second look if they see a Tiny Saint.

One of the most inspiring parts of this experience has been seeing the reaction of non-Catholic or folks who have fallen away from their faith. Whether a person is hardened, sad, hurt or just on a difficult path, sometimes all they need is the smallest spark of grace. I'd give a Tiny Saint to every one of those people if I could afford it. I'm yet to meet a person who didn't smile after being given one. And once the gift is given, it's nice knowing God can take it from there."

The first time I talked to the company via Facebook, I got a quick response. I had asked if they would make a particular Saint and they said they would eventually make any Saint that was requested.

Here's the extra awesome news. After contacting the company, they have agreed to send a lucky winner a prize package! It includes the following Tiny Saints Giveaway Package :  1 Rosary(black or multicolor), 1 bracelet(popular saints or popular female saints), the paracord necklace, & Saint Charm of Choice.
They have also said that they would give a 10% discount to our readers here on The Cath Sister's! Just use code CATHSIS10 on orders of $20 or more.

So comment below with your preferences and a lucky winner chosen at random will receive their treasures!

Winner will be chosen at random by me on the 12th of December, 2013 and announced on The 13th.

Links to all things Tiny Saints. Check out their whole List of Saints here.
Website :
Twitter: @shoptinysaints


  1. Tiny Saints are so adorable! I'd love a black rosary, a popular saints bracelet, and an Our Lady of Guadalupe charm! I'm secretly hoping that the fact that you're picking the winner on her feast day will work in my favor ;) OLG is my girl!

  2. This is great!! Oh, frabjous day! :) I would love a black rosary, popular female saints bracelet, and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary charm. <3 God bless y'all.

    1. Oh, doesn't look like they have Elizabeth; in which case, Saint Gianna Molla. :)

  3. Oh, I'd love to enter! I would love the multicolor rosary, popular saints bracelet, and St. Therese charm!

  4. I am so entering this contest. I would love a black rosary, popular saints bracelet, paracord necklace, and St Pio charm. and finally, Good Luck to all who enter. May the winner be blessed.

  5. Miss Grace was randomly selected to be our winner! Thank you all for entering. I am in the process now to get her prize sent to her.