Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Early Happy 1st Birthday Evangeline!


We didn't know what we were missing, your daddy and brother and puppy sister and I. Then they told us you would be a sweet (not so small) baby girl. We were nervous and scared throughout my pregnancy. We were told my health was bad no matter what the doctors prescribed or how closely I followed their advice. They told me the high risk of you being still born and the high percentage of possibility that I might not make it through either. However I knew somehow that everything would be just fine. You were born on the last day of the Mayan calender. My dad joked we should change your name to Maya. You were my 11 lb 8 oz bundle of joy. We made it through the c-section and all the bad things they told me would most likely happen did not. I was and am thankful for your health and my own. You are very different from your big brother and you both teach me new things everyday. I am also thankful I was given both a boy and a girl, but mostly for the joy that you both bring to my life.