Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary, Doctor Who!

The Day of the Doctor is finally here!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the British television series Doctor Who. Whovians all over the world are watching a simulcast of the 50th anniversary special, titled "The Day of the Doctor," and celebrating with  Jelly Babies, Jammie Dodgers, and Fish Custard.

I've just strung up the TARDIS lights my sister bought me. I've got the TARDIS teapot my dad gave me for Christmas (handmade by a lady in Seattle who only does a few a year), the TARDIS Exploding Van Gogh my cousin, Sally Sparrow, painted for my birthday, and all my other DW bits and bobs. And then there's the food!

 I made TARDIS sugar cookies! Not quite as blue as the TARDIS but they'll do!

A few of my favorite Doctor Who things!

I've got my TARDIS scrabble piece necklace and my DW buttons on my TARDIS blue clothes! I'm really excited to watch this episode and celebrate with Whovians all over the world. Who is your favorite Doctor? What are you wearing? Who is your favorite companion? Are you having a Doctor Who party?


  1. Love, Love the cookies!!! Im going in. Wish me luck or something.

    1. Thank you!! I love the cookie cutter!! Good luck & happy viewing!!

      (Now you should shout "Geronimooooooo!!!"