Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reflections on a School Shooting

Sitting at my desk, headphones in, listening to news radio. The story of the most recent school shooting in Nevada is being discussed and I have to hold my breath. Some reports mention the 12 year old student who was the shooter made comments about no one else being able to bully him. So many people affected. My prayers for the soul of the 12 year old shooter and the soul of the 45 year old teacher Michael Landsberry, who tried to get the student to put the gun down. Also for the two unnamed students in critical condition. 

The radio reported an estimate of 30 children saw the violence. The LA Times reported 5 or 6 gunshots. That's all it took to change so many lives. This shooting is incredibly sad. It is hard to not cry out of empathy every time an event such as this takes place.

A few days before my most beloved grandmother passed away I asked her what she felt were the most important prayers to her during her life. She listed the Rosary and the Act of Contrition. Also she included the 1st prayer I remember learning from her and my mom, the prayer to our Guardian Angel. This is also the 1st prayer I have been teaching my 4 year old son (other than the sign of the cross). 

The Rosary is a weapon against evil. The Act of Contrition to remind us of our sin and if we are unable to confess is the least of what we can do to prepare for an unexpected death. The prayer to our Guardian Angel to protect us throughout the day and night. The devil is out there. We must use the "tools" we have to prepare ourselves, to fight the battle and to ask for protection. I hope to never be in any situation like this, but if I am I hope I remember these "tools".

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